Being Well

0v6a5122_16-feb-2016-11-31-36-amBEING WELL
The new model of integral health is not new! It is natural. Scientific views have drawn us away from what is natural, to a state of dependence on a model that worships the parts and not the whole. We too easily give our power to doctors and health professionals and ignore the need for our own responsible participation in the process of our health.
Modern medicine does many wonderful things to mend a broken body, but cannot reach to the roots of chronic disease via pills and injections. A medical system that ignores healthy diet, healthy movement, healthy thought, honest relationships, and proper rest, will not bring about true wellness and wholeness.
When we consciously integrate true health in our lives, and reclaim our power to BE WELL, we ease the burden on ourselves, our families, and our society.

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