Moving for Health and Happiness

“Honour the body you have and the level you are at. Don’t compare or judge yourself with others.” I bring these intentions into my own personal movement exploration and each time I teach a class.

There are many things we don’t need to be able to do physically in order to move about in our environment and live a fulfilled life. We don’t need the strength and agility of a rock climber, the strength of a weightlifter, or the explosive speed of a top sprinter. But we should have the confidence to move through our urban landscape with ease.

All motions should be available to us; reaching, crouching, ducking, and turning. Also the strength, balance, and mobility to negotiate steps and stairs, and to move from standing to sitting with ease. If you stop engaging in these basic movements on a daily basis they will be lost.

We don’t have to lose our ability, rather it is never too late to regain your range of motion once you start tuning into your functionality, and open up unused movement patterns. Once you begin moving, the momentum of feeling good in your body will extent to your mind, and a greater enjoyment of your world.

There are no right and wrongs in Fundamental Movement. The principle is, “If it feels good do it!” Do not move into pain. If you experience pain it is your bodies cry for help and attention. Address it, and be free.


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