Work and Rest

We all know and instinctively feel that movement is good for us. When we move we feel refreshed and energised. Movement can shift physical and mental discomforts and bring a fresh perspective on situations.

Movement doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, natural original movements from childhood are most beneficial for developing the body’s strength, mobility, and resilience. An ingenious method of moving the body called Original Strength, has reintroduced early childhood movements in a program to develop core strength, stability and balance. By getting down on the ground to nod, roll, rock and crawl, and not least to breath properly, the body’s systems are rebooted, very much like rebooting a computer.

It’s powerful and fun stuff. Really! I practise what I preach 😉

There is a great and growing movement of wonderfully knowledgeable, inspired folks, offering their in-depth understanding of how the body moves, motivating everyone to get out – or get down – and MOVE.

Katy Bowman, The MovNat crew, Perry Nickelston,James Knight, Martha Peterson, and so many more … love you all.

For me, the crux of the matter is this. If we are not comfortable in our bodies, which is to say that if our inner and outer energies are not fresh and fluid, then we cannot be truly still and at peace.

My teacher taught me the key to living a balanced life is that work and rest go hand in hand. All opposites rest in the balance. Most human beings have no problem with work and play, but when it comes to rest, very often our bodies won’t allow us to truly let go and just BE. We are either in too much pain or discomfort, or the body is too tense and tightly wound up from working, mentally and physically.

By moving well and often, and thereby developing mastery of your body at your own personal level, you will also master stillness and peace – both physically and mentally. To be able to sit quietly, to be watchful and unmoved, and to be content and fulfilled,…it’s yours for the taking.

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