Seasons Greetings to all.

As I was out walking yesterday, observing all the folks out and about shopping for Christmas, I was thinking about the buzz around the modern simplicity movement, called Minimalism. As with so many areas of our lives in this machine age, it seems we need direction on how to get our lives back and regain simplicity in how we work and move to thereby allow more space in our head and hearts.

Minimalism heightens the awareness of how we clutter our lives with things in order to consciously minimalise our possessions and simplify our lives. The awareness of Minimalism leads us to re-examine other areas of our lives too, for example, how we pass our time, how we spend our money, what and how much to eat, what to speak, and when to remain silent. In general, Minimalism makes us aware of how to use our energy physically and mentally.

Joshua Becker,( ) a leading voice of this thought, defines it as, ‘The intentional promotion of the things we most value by removing anything that distracts us from it.’ I am sure we can all relate to the experience that all the things we accumulate can end up binding us and keeping us from doing the things, or being with the people that are the most important to us.

The endless forces of our consumer driven society can keep us buying and accumulating stuff that often isn’t necessary to our well being. Acquiring unnecessary stuff takes time and energy. And then we have to store and maintain the new possession and plan how to keep it safe. Our possession now possesses us!

Not only can our homes become cluttered, our mind is cluttered. Acquisitions were designed to help us save time and live a happier, easier life. But do they? That’s for you to contemplate.

And what does this have to do with movement?

That’s for the next blog …. Promise.

2 thoughts on “Minimalism

  1. Hi Mayank, as you know we recently got a new puppy 🙂 I asked friends who are puppy-experts for advice on behaviour change/training, and one came back with a quote which said – “Maximise the opportunity for your puppy to do the right thing, and minimise the opportunity for him to do the wrong thing”. Which seems to me to be just what you are saying above about clutter, meaning, and minimalism, but in puppy speak!!

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