Minimalism and Movement

As promised, I will pick up on what minimalism has to do with movement.

As I walked through a large appliance store at Christmas time, I was amazed by the large number of gadgets available, all designed to apparently make our daily tasks easier and quicker. (Ok, I live mainly in India and so I’m easily amazed by the extent of modern technology!)

What is designed to boost efficiency in life management, translates as moving less. Consequently, modern mechanization is in fact robbing us of movement opportunities.

It has been extensively proven that more movement, not just exercise, is good for us physically and mentally. We are healthier and happier when we move freely and energetically as our bodies were designed to move.

The other day, I saw a gentleman working in his fairly small garden with an electric hedge trimmer. He was standing still, bending and reaching slightly forward in order to hold the machine that was doing all the work. A good set of manual hedge clippers would have moved his arms and shoulders and engaged his core while lifting and bending. Ironically, these are the movements many people go to the gym to practice on machines!

From electric bicycles and scooters, to electric coffee grinders, the array of gadgets and commodities in today’s world is huge when you start looking at it from the perspective that we are robbing ourselves of potential movement.

When we ‘outsource’ our movement we are giving away a whole heap of potential movement. Maybe we are saving a little time, but to do what? To sit some more!

I love this catch-phrase I read recently, “Be a movement opportunist.” Start to see the opportunities to move and put your body in a variety of different positions. For example, I was sweeping out my mum’s garage the other day and instead of using a long handled broom, I squatted down with a brush and shovel and swept using a pivoting arc-squat, swapping my arms side-to-side. I usually get a laugh in my classes when I suggest taking the long reach handle off the vacuum cleaner to crawl on all fours when you vacuum.

I still never shy away from washing a bucket full of hand laundry. Squatting down with a bucket and doing my own ringing and rinsing. I know, I’m a movement geek! But even a few small changes can have great benefit in your mood and sense of well-being.

The more you start moving, the better you will feel and want to move more. The less you do, the easier it is to slip into inactivity.

Move More.It’s a mindset, like minimalism.

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