Walking is Good.

Walking is good for you. It’s no secret ! We feel it and science confirms it.

And getting out and walking in nature is even better. It de-stresses, detoxes and reboots our systems. 

It changes and stimulates our neurology, our biology, our physiology and our psychology.

With the shift in our system that comes from getting out and moving, comes an opening of our consciousness.

We often move into a non-logical, less intellect orientated mode, where a more intuitive knowing and a bigger perspective can be experienced.

A fresh view of our life and our place in the world can occur. There is some space between us and our work, family, friends and our ambitions.

Apart from the beauty and vastness of nature that affects our state of being, often it is the physical challenges that can really push us into subtler more expanded states. That ‘push’ can make our daily material orientated life seem less relevant, as we find ourselves stripped back, more in the moment and alone with ourselves. Which often reveals to us what is really important.

It can give us fresh perspective on the world of forms, figures and situations that normally fill our waking state world from morning to night. Maybe we see our career choice differently. Maybe we had gone for better material gain, but forsook inspiration and satisfaction. Maybe we recognise family ties and connections that need to be reignited and  honoured after being left unattended for too long.

Maybe its just a chance to move into a deeper sense of Self and Being, beyond the trappings of our material existence. A recognising of our sense of everywhere-ness that is our infinite true nature.

I know my first experience of that vast oneness of all things, beyond my limited individuality, came as a teenager while living in the bush on a remote southern island of New Zealand.

So whether you are walking to work, taking an afternoon walk in the park, or hiking for days in rugged country, the benefits of getting outside and moving as the body was designed to, have far-reaching benefits on all levels of our existence. No gym, no equipment, no complicated routines – just you, your breathe and your body.


And just as I’m about to post this I came across a new term – Behaviourceutical. It’s a fusion of ‘behaviour’ and ‘pharmaceutical’. Created by a neuroscientist called Kelly Lambert, it means – a physical activity that improves mental health, particularly reducing stress or anxiety.

He says – I made up this term to convey the sense that when we move and engage in activities, we change the neurochemistry of our brain in the way that drugs can.

Pretty neat eh ! ( thanks Chris Kesser ; )

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