Master of Movement – Master of Stillness

IMG_5046Dear friends,


I am looking forward to The Wisdom of Meditation tour in Canada in August and Europe in September, for the opportunity to share my ever expanding enthusiasm as to the benefits of how moving with awareness and subtlety positively affects the whole body/mind state and brings more joy in every day movement plus strength in the inward direction – the stillness of Being.


While at the Te Horo Retreat in NZ, Dr. Cathy asked a great question about the seeming contradiction between seeking stillness within and yet to remain inspired to move physically.  How do we marry these two apparently contrasting ideals? 


We do both! The inner attention and the outer movement support each other. Our lives are a constant cycle of work and rest.


When we direct the attention to observe subtle sensations in the body, we become aware of the originality of movement. In meditation, you can recognise a master consciousness within, sitting and holding all the thoughts and ideas in its hand. In movement also, you can be aware with focus and attention that you are the master of movement – holding all action and motion in potentiality.


The one who is the master of movement is the same that is the master of stillness. These two masters are in fact one. The master has no form to be seen with these eyes. You won’t find it when you look in the mirror. It is known only as pure potential, the subtlest energy, the master consciousness, the perfect unity of movement and stillness.


I hope to see you all soon.

Love Mayank


PS: To those who have worked with me at Retreat Himalaya and in NZ & Australia, please note that I have posted the videos of the remaining sections of the Cat Stretch Somatics routine here on my blog and YouTube.


2 thoughts on “Master of Movement – Master of Stillness

  1. Moraine McDonald (Chessell)

    Hi Mayank,

    I am finally taking the time to read your writings and move to your videos. Thank you so much for sharing all your gifts. I go to India on a tour so may not be able to join your January group but I will keep it in mind for when I can commit. I am going through a separation with a man I have known for 40 years so my heart is heavy. I remain hopeful and positive thanks to people like you and Rebecca.

    Amaram hum Maduram hum ,



    1. Hi Moraine,
      Its so nice to hear from you. I’m glad you are finding some useful words & movement here. Thanks for the feedback.
      I’m sorry to hear you are going through a tough transition, so I send lots of love & strength. Keep meditating & stay anchored to the unchanging awareness you are. It is everything.
      I seem to remember you talking of a trip to India. How exciting. I just got back from a few days in the hills ( thus my delay in responding ; ). Very different up here to the lovely winter days you’ll find on the plains & the coast.
      Have a great trip. Keep in touch.
      My on-line classes will be a month by month subscription, so any time you feel to join & try it out, is fine. It would be great to see you.
      Have a great trip.
      Seasons greetings to you.
      Love Mayank AHMH x


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