Knowing Power

Whether you say “I know” or “I don’t know”,

You are knowing !

On a podcast this morning I heard the quote –

“ The recognition of confusion is a form of clarity”.

I thought it’s a beautiful & freeing statement. It was quoted in the context of working with our body in yoga/movement, when we are asked to experience & be aware of sensations in our practise. And how important it is to be reassured that even if you are having trouble sensing what is happening in your body, or experiencing what you think you should be experiencing, or it’s being suggested you should be experiencing , (phew), you are still KNOWING. Whatever it is you are knowing.

That is a power and an awareness. And it should be acknowledged as such.

As students & teachers ( is there any difference – aren’t the good ‘teachers’ just eternal students ) isn’t it great to remain courageously open to the ‘not knowing’. That’s where we find ourselves constantly inspired ( & therefore inspiring ). And doesn’t that ‘not knowing’ allow us to flow freely forward to greater understanding & wonder.

And in our greater awareness of Self, our True Self, which is the unchanging canvas of our being & knowing, the same is true. If we can remain open & easy with not ‘understanding’ a thing, experience, feeling, or state. Not needing to always intellectualise & define our experience. Not needing to judge it good or bad, helpful or unhelpful, but just be aware of  ‘knowing’. Then you can get closer to the only thing you can ever really know with certainty – I AM.

So recognition of confusion, to me, is recognition or knowing I Am. The recogniser is Me, & the confusion is not separate from the clarity. They are two sides of the one coin, that is ME.


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