NZ Workshops

Greetings from Wellington NZ.

Its been a lovely landing back here to a week of autumn weather & reconnecting with family.

I also just finished a great ‘Move Your DNA’ weekend workshop. I had planned my trip at this time in order to be able to attend this event & I’m so glad I did. Katy Bowman’s work has had a huge influence on my class content & the way I approach teaching for many years now. So finally being in the right place at the right time to share these teachings with like minded folks was a real joy. I got to broaden my understanding & picked up lots of great points to help me refine my own ability to pass on this message of Nutritional Movement. My thanks to Penny for her knowledgable & articulate teaching, with very able support from Yulya.

While in Wellington I’ll be offering classes & workshops and some of the experience of this last weekend will filter through I’m sure.

The weekly classes at St Marks in Lower Hutt & the Kapiti Community Centre will focus on very accessible & gentle Somatics.

The SomaYoga workshops will delve deeper into this process as well as some modern neuroscience techniques to release & lengthen our bodies.

And the Brain based Movement workshops will look at how we can move better by integrating more of our sensory motor systems into our life.

These sessions are open to ALL. No experience or previous understanding required. There will be something for everyone no matter where you are in your movement practise ( & whether you have one or not ! )

No booking required. Just show up & tell your friends, young & old.
First Workshop on June 3rd. $30
Repeated at HOT YOGA on the June 15th. $30
Then in JULY. Some exciting stuff. $30
And again a week later @Higher Self. (note; they will be slightly different classes … bc, I rarely repeat the same class ; )

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