NEW Virtual Studio …. coming soon.

Dear Friends,

I am currently working on building a Virtual Studio, which will contain a range of classes that I have recorded over the last year.

That means you will be able to Log In and browse through an ever growing library of classes, of varying lengths and modalities, and choose something that suits your need of the day.

All classes will be clearly documented, so you can pick one that is targeting an area you feel you need to work on, or are interested in. Maybe you are just looking for a general maintenance routine, or you want a quick morning routine to get your day started, or a wind down at the end of the day. There will be many options to suit all your needs.

Classes will focus on two different approaches:

Firstly there will be Somatic Movement classes working from a Hanna Somatic based perspective. These gentle, yet powerful routines, are also known as neuromuscular repatterning, as they engage the brain and help reset your muscles to their natural resting position. Allowing you to release built up and held muscular tension. This allows us to regain strength, mobility, ease and comfort in our body AND our mental state.

Secondly, there will be Functional Movement classes. These are more active and geared towards building strength, mobility, balance and ability. By moving more of us, focusing on the ‘bits’ that move us, engaging our brain, vestibular and proprioceptive systems, we can reboot our nervous system, and regain and improve our movement capabilities. And watch how your overall fitness and state of well being is lifted and enhanced.


Over the last 10 years I have worked with people of all age groups & body types. This has given me a great chance to observe in myself and others, what are the best movements and means we can practise and repeat to build a strong and functional body and nervous system. I have studied a lot of different modalities and read passionately about movement. So I’m excited to be able to share with you my findings.

The re-education of our mind-body maps is powerful and far reaching and works to improve our quality of life on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally.

So if you are interested in learning how to;

  • be empowered to know & understand your body.
  • learn movements to release tension when you need too.
  • become more aware of pain inducing movement habits & postures.
  •  understand the connection between anxiety, stress and your body’s pain and have the tools to deal with it simply & constructively.

then stay tuned …….   good things are coming ……..


Class Feedback;

“Mayank, you have offered a range of new movements which are great, and so good for my back. You are very talented, giving clear instuction and respecting each persons body and where they are at. You give great descriptions of the body-mind connections.”             – Resie (Holland)

“Mayank, I love the way you have brought Somatics and the other modalities to work together to provide an all rounded approach to body care and awareness. It has been amazing to see the ‘break-throughs’ in your class. Your work goes beyond anything I have experienced before and I’d love to see yoga instructors and physiotherapists adopt some of these techniques to incorporate into their classes and appointments.”                       – Cree (NZ)

“Mayank gave me the awareness that this westernized and atrophied body can reach to the edge of uncertain possibilities.” – Gudrun (Germany)

“Delightful, fun and upbeat classes” – Steve (Canada)

“I feel healthier, stronger, more balanced” – Rob (Holland)