Hi. So here’s a simple 10 minute routine to practise anytime, anywhere.

The main focus is to get you down on the floor & out of the sitting position, & create some movement & space in your neck, shoulders & hips. Hope you enjoy it & feel good. Remember, please don’t move into pain.

Look out for the ‘Mayankism’ at 8.58 : )

Soundtrack at the end – ‘Madhuram Hoon Mai’ , by Deep Shikha ( Rebecca ) on the CD Madhuram.



Mayanks Movement 2 . (  1st April 2017 )

Here’s another quick & easy routine to get you moving. Filmed on a hike up to a beautiful spot called Kot Kaandi in the Kullu Valley, India.  We start with a few head nod variations & then run through some lovely hip/pelvis movements. It should feel really good ; )



The soundtrack is called ‘Infinite Peace’ by Datta, off the album Mangal. Engineered & co-produced by moi. ( Hope to have a download link available soon )



Mayanks Movement 3  ( 6 June 2017 )

These are two of my favourite Hanna Somatic movements. They address so many trouble areas of most people bodies. Firstly, our hips, pelvis & lower back. The second is a brilliant release & lengthening of the posterior chain, from the shoulders, back extensors, glutes to hamstrings.    You can do these daily. The result is accumulative.  They are great before or after a workout or activity, or as a stand alone routine anytime.


Mayanks Movement 4

Another Somatic routine that will help you free up the movement of your hips & legs. With a little gentle practise you will notice an improvement in how you walk & run. Enjoy & share : )


Mayanks Movement 5

This series of movements focuses on the head & shoulders. Be gentle & focus on how the movement happens in your body.
” It is the inner change in brain function that makes possible outer change in muscle function ” – Thomas Hanna



Mayanks Movement 6

This Somatic routine is for the muscles on the front of the body.  Starting by working one side then the other, then moving to a cross lateral movement, and finishing with a full body move,  This will help you lengthen & release any tension through your abdominal area & ribs. Helping you to lengthen out & breathe down into your belly more fully & easily.   Remember to work slowly & consciously.



Mayanks Movement 7

Todays routine focuses on the muscles of the waist. Specifically the side body. This can be an unusual movement for nearly everyone, so be gentle and patient with yourself.   Its not a big movement, and even small movements can have big results.

*note to people who have attended my classes and have my workout sheets –

MM3 ( MayanksMovement 3 ) is the Daily Cat Stretch No.1. 2. 3.                                         MM4 = No.7       MM5 = No.8      MM6 = No.4      MM7 = No.5